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Browse Draw Base - BDB

With BDB you get in control of your draws. You make your draws available to anyone you want, anywhere.

Main advantages:

  • All draws in the same controlled place
  • Draws always available
  • Possibility of update web site
  • No more draws everywhere and nowhere
  • Draws available to anyone
  • No more unavailable draws because someone is missing
  • No more lost draws
  • No more dependence on a person or machine
  • Entire collection of draws search able
  • Complete history of each draw
  • Infinite number of users
  • It works in any computer/device
  • No installation required
  • Create and store new draws
  • Edit existing draws
  • Manage draw state

Browse Draw Clients - BDC

With BDC commercials will find everything your clients want.

Moreover, clients can find the draws they want!

Main advantages:

  • Commercials can create lists to clients
  • Clients can view selected draws anywhere
  • Clients can search and find the draws they want
  • No more physical folders
  • No more forgotten draws
  • No software required to clients
  • All clients can access
  • Clients can view their own draws
  • Search the draws to match a request
  • Create new lists to clients
  • Update lists according to client needs

Browse Draw Collection - BDL

With BDL you make your collections available to anyone, anywhere!

Main advantages:

  • All collections always available
  • Available anywhere
  • Possibility of creating public web site with new collection
  • Create and store collections
  • Publish collection

Browse Draw Survey - DBS

With DBS you can create surveys about your draws or collections.

Main advantages:

  • Discover which are the best draws you have
  • Discover which draws would sell better
  • Create collections based on people preferences
  • Complete set of statistics about your surveys
  • Automatically send surveys to specific market segments
  • Create surveys on draws
  • Create surveys on collections

Browse You - BY

BY is a service specially created to special situations where the other offers do not apply.

We will design together with your company the application you need.


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